Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Online Survey

Online Survey - Common Questions Answered

Paid survey thing is not something new. However if you wonder how exactly this entire works, read on. We have compiled a brief questions-and-answers list to help you gain better understand online survey process.

What is a survey?

The meaning of “survey” is “a gathering of data or opinions to be preventative of a whole”. This description is pretty good if you want to get an idea what to expect from an online survey. A survey consists of a number of questions aimed to investigate specific topic. For example, a product satisfaction survey may consist of various questions designed to get your opinion about different characteristics of the product – do you find it useful, is it expensive for you or it is priced reasonable, how often you would buy it, etc.

Who needs surveys?

Surveys are a typical market research tool. They are the preferred method of many marketing companies to gather and filter consumers’ opinion that help them refine their marketing activities.

Why marketing companies paid consumers for their opinions?

Well, while many people would be happy to complete a survey for free there are many who won’t bother or will give cheeky answers. Paid surveys offer consumers good opportunity to earn extra cash and make them look seriously to the matter. The expense is reasonable for the surveying marketing company – the data is important for planning their activities thus saving a fortune on possible wrong marketing campaigns.

How can I start receiving online surveys?

To enter the world of the no-hassle-extra-cash you just need to join some online survey programs. Soon after your registration, you will start receiving surveys. The frequency depends on your profile and on the survey company type.

You can find additional survey info at Paid Survey and Fun Survey and Survey Software

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Online Survey

Online Survey Sample
Below are some example questions taken from an online survey you may be offered. The payments can range between $4.00 to $75.00 dollars depending on the time needed for completion and the company offering the survey.

This is only one type of online survey that you may be asked to take part in but you get idea. Most marketing companies offer some form of online surveys so you will usually have a lot of choice in which surveys you want to participate in.

Online Survey

Online Survey

Online Survey - Welcome to my blog where we will talk about all the work at home jobs available through online surveys. Marketing companies worldwide need everyday people to give their honest opinion on the products and services they offer and they are willing to pay you big bucks for this information. We will highlight some of the online survey sites that get you in touch with these companies. So check back.
Online Survey